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Engineering Symposium
Ben Haest, Quality Electronics Design S.A
Several challenges are hitting the test lab. For one, many test labs have a hard time to attract new people, test technicians and test engineers. Even, when new people can be hired, it takes 1 to 5 years before they can work completely independently and autonomously.

At the same time the test requirements are getting more and more complicated. A good example is the group of the test for the automotive batteries.

One way to handle the challenges is to automate the lab. This happens already at the logistic level. Companies install database solutions to handle the whole process from the first customer contact up to the planning of the test, reporting and invoicing after the test has been finished.

The underlying level is the automation of the test itself: to synchronise the vibration test with climatic test, to control the DUT, to monitor the DUT and to synchronise other measurement systems during the test.

Join Ben Haest of Quality Electronics Design S.A to address the challenges facing the test lab and find out how automation could e the solution – based on the GUS Standard Interface.