Empowering Industry 4.0 by adding connectivity to sensors with the new Metron4
Connecting assets to the cloud is now essential to remain competitive. In this session, Powelectrics’ Jennifer Mortiboy will introduce Powelectrics’ Metron4 IoT telemetry device!

With innovative hardware, four analogue inputs, expansion cards for pulse counting, options for RS232, RS485 and CANBUS, Metron4 makes remote monitoring simple. Compatible with thousands of sensors, Metron4 gets sensor data reliably and affordably into the cloud via4G (2G backup).
The device has a compact IP67 enclosure, with solar, battery and external power options and operational temperatures -25 to +65°C. Metron4 is ideal in a vast range of global environments and applications.
In conjunction with Powelectrics’ MetronView cloud, this Industry 4.0 device helps customers improve margin, achieve competitive advantage and develop new revenue streams.
Monitor. Control. Maintain. Alert.

Data acquisition and measurement uncertainty with KiDAQ and KiXact
KiDAQ is an innovative, modular data acquisition system from Kistler Instruments with which you can create your test set-up, perform measurements and achieve accurate test results, quickly and easily. Kistler’s expertise covers the entire measuring chain, from the sensor, to signal conditioning and on to the software. The KiDAQ data acquisition system can be expanded at any time with different measurement modules.

A key advantage of the new KiDAQ data acquisition system is our KiXact technology which automatically calculates the measurement uncertainty. Kistler’s vast application expertise ensures that reliable results are now possible with this technology. KiXact eliminates the need for manual calculation and helps to significantly reduce the uncertainty components in your measurement chain.

Nprime’s bespoke sensor solutions
Nprime was recently contracted by a mining company to create a bespoke sensor solution to better understand and validate tool pick loads as the tooth impacts with the rock face on a hard rock mining tool. This measurement included shear loads across the tooth and also the impact load as it interacts with the rock face. The challenges of this project were the limited space, speed of acquisition system, powering the system. In this presentation, Nprime will explain the obstacles that were encountered and the various approaches that were trailed before a final successful solution was created. This measurement solution is widely used in the mining industry to better understand the loads involved at the rock face of mining tools.

Introducing Devtank’s HILTOP (Hardware In-the-loop Test Operating Platform)
Following several successful pilot roll-outs, Devtank is pleased to announce the launch of a new open source modular test product called HILTOP (Hardware In-the-loop Test Operating Platform). The platform contains an integral motherboard/controller adopting a flexible split architecture with 64bit ARM processor and parallel FPGA hardware acceleration if required.

This comprehensive flexible platform allows test, measurement and control solutions to be realised using numerous built in multi-channel interfaces such as USB2.0, LVDS, CAN-FD and RS485. It can be easily expanded to add new interfaces and capability using the Open-VTI backplane and Eurocard expansion format.

Automated testing gives faster and more accurate measurements through optimised hardware and software integration to provide both electrical and functional test coverage of the device under test (DUT).

AquaConnex – Multi Sensor Monitoring Systems
Evolution II - Designed and manufactured in the UK by AquaConnex is being showcased at the Sensor & instrumentation Live Expo 2019. The presentation will take the form of a brief description reviewing the basic elements of the system, the manner in which its intelligent sensor interfaces control data and alarm limits, future system developments and data handling Following the initial introduction, a description of the Evolution II (Aqua) system will be given, a multi sensor system monitoring water quality in real time. This variant being Ideal for the aquaculture industry, including fish breeders / keepers. The system is currently capable of monitoring pH, ORP, Conductivity, DO, Water Temperature, Air Temperature, Water Flow, Water Depth & Electrical power. The presentation will end with a Q&A session relating to Evolution II (Aqua) - Water Quality and Evolution II (Metrics) - Bespoke monitoring systems for process control and many other related industries.

Vibration tests using a shaker with portable acquisition equipment, PCB Piezotronics
The shaker is used to input vibration to a product or structure. Data from accelerometers and force sensors can be collected and analysed post-test. Marco Peres will demonstrate how PCB’s latest USB signal conditioner can be used to collect data on a smart phone or tablet for an easy to use, portable test solution.