Sensors & Instrumentation Live brings together the leading innovators and professionals from across the fields of sensors, test, measurement and control to explore solutions, discuss applications and do business face-to-face. But don’t just take our word for it, read what some of our visitors and exhibitors thought about the 2019 event…

“Exhibitions such as Sensors & Instrumentation Live really do have an impact on the sector. It gives you a broad range of opportunities to interact with others in the marketplace and it brings like-minded individuals and industries together, which [we] think is wonderful”

Kevin Goodison & Jack Miller | LIMAB UK

“Sensors & Instrumentation Live is really beneficial to the industry! It’s so interesting to hear different people’s aspects on something we do, not just with clients but also with other companies for collaborative projects – it is a great way to get fresh ideas and perspectives.”

Jennifer Mortiboy | Powelectrics

It is really good for picking up new technology. As you can imagine, it is always a priority to look for new applications and this is the perfect platform to look out for something better.

Visitor from Load Monitoring Systems

Exhibitions are great. Everyone is brought together, in one place, so it is the perfect place to walk around and introduce yourself to people.

You can visit a lot of companies that you may not have been able to find on the internet.

Visitor from Intelliconnect

“It’s great to meet people and to build contacts and network. Whether it is meeting people you have never heard of, interacting with suppliers and even learning more about competitors – it is a great opportunity to forge new connections.”

Gary Weston | Top Hex

“It is really important to get information to members of the industry that don’t always know what they want.

By getting the chance to showcase more than just sensors alone, we can also showcase our wide range of applications to the market.”

Phillip Hall & Steve James | BT2000 & PCTEL

“This exhibition is massively important to the industry. It gives you visibility within the sector by allowing visitors to discover your company, but also allows you to see your competitors and find out how they are operating. Sensors & Instrumentation Live is a great platform to look at the new generation of technology.”

Ciarán O’Shea | NPrime

“It is an article of faith that this country needs a sensors show. There are big exhibitions in Germany, the US and India, so it is important that Sensors & Instrumentation Live continues to give people in the UK market somewhere to go for information on sensing and the supporting instrumentation.”

Tony Ingham | Sensor Technology

“We have received many leads and I have to say that all of the inquiries have been absolutely excellent.

It doesn’t matter how big the stand is because we do all of our business in the aisle. “

Keith Jones | AquaConnex

“Exhibitions are essential. It is great for people who do what we do. We can give any potential clients visual demonstrations which are suitable for their applications.

You set things up, demonstrate your products and discuss any potential applications face to face – you can’t really cram that into a video or just put it on a website.”

Mark Friswell & Dean Buss | Friswell Technologies & TR Electronic

Exhibitions such as this have got be beneficial! We have to get our new products out there to new industries to make sure people know what is out there.

Visitor from CCPI Europe

Exhibitions such as this have got be beneficial! We have to get our new products out there to new industries to make sure people know what is out there.

Visitor from IMI Precision Engineering


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